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About Us

Spin Spa: The Concept

Spin Spa Laundry is a high tech environment where you can wash your clothes while relaxing in comfortable surroundings or have someone do it for you! It has the comfort of a living room and the feel of a Spa. Machine prices are kept low and machines are kept in good repair. We stand behind our service and refund your money if you are not satisfied. Our Same Day or Next day Wash & Fold Drop Off Service is done YOUR way. Just tell us how you like it done, and your laundry will be washed and folded as you ask, ready to be put away easily when you get home. We separate garments into like groupings hang or bag them and package undergarments and sox separately so you can put everything away easily or take them on a trip.


About the Owners

We are Rob and Jerry the new owners of Spin Spa Laundry in Pacific Beach. Rob had a 20 year dream to create a laundry that would offer premium services to customers in an environment that would not only be welcoming and friendly, but that would actually help people to relax. After spending 22 years in the service industry both Rob and Jerry bring a welcoming spirit, pride in keeping well functioning laundry machines, delivery of esthetic surroundings, and excellent customer service. Rob or Jerry will be happy to attend to your laundry needs.

How Spin Spa Came to Be

When the opportunity arose to make over a laundry with "good bones" Rob and Jerry jumped on it and after a non-stop one month renovation opened Spin Spa, a laundry retreat in beautiful Pacific Beach, just south of La Jolla. After a major remodel-update of our equipment we created a laundry retreat by placing diamond plate on many walls, installing a new cooling system, cable to new flat screen TVs customers may control, FREE high speed WiFi, a cappuccino/latte machine, painting all the walls, adding potted plants, magazines and remodeling the lavatory. How cool is it to be able to take a 3 block walk to the ocean and have the breezes cool our laundry. We are so happy to be here and hope you will be too.